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Plain Tahini

Pure sesame paste using hulled sesame seeds for a smooth texture. A fundamental natural ingredient for the most... Grecious hummus. Do you love greens? You can make your own tahini dressing by adding some fresh lemon juice and a few drops of olive oil.

Organic Wholegrain Tahini

Our wholegrain tahini is made of organically grown unpeeled sesame seeds which are slowly roasted and milled in a traditional stone mill. Wholegrain tahini is darker in colour and has a more ‘nutty’ aftertaste than plain tahini; use it as a healthy spread on bread or in healthy smoothies and of course, for making delicious brownies!


Tahini with Cocoa

Made using our premium tahini blended with cocoa powder. An increasingly smooth and creamy spread packed with protein. A rich, chocolatey treat for the whole family. The children will love it.

Tahini with Honey

The perfect combination for your breakfast in one jar. Tahini and honey is a healthy and delicious spread you could have on your toast, with fewer calories than peanut butter and no nuts. It deserves a permanent place in your cupboard.

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