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Coming back to the UK from my summer holidays, I started

finding out what the health benefits of tahini are, what recipes it can be used into and what ingredients it contains. BOOM! It only contains Sesame. It is a nut-free, plant-based ingredient, suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans and according to scientific data it boasts a wide range of health benefits. I tried incorporating tahini in my diet for three months and the difference on my physical and emotional health and my overall wellbeing was incredible. I felt like “I BELIEVE I CAN FLYYYY”. I had not ever tasted anything like that before. Tahini and honey helped me to finish that academic year being healthy and having fewer meltdowns.

That was the spark for creating my own business and so Grecious’ journey began. I felt that I needed to set up a business that would reflect on who I am and where I come from receiving the rewards from something I started from scratch. So, in May 2018 I founded Grecious which specialises in the development and sourcing of Greek nutritious products from my hometown Thessaloniki and the Greek countryside. Grecious’ philosophy is to promote the Mediterranean diet which is full of diverse plant-based foods.







It all started in 2018, when I realised that Teaching is probably one of the hardest professions in the UK. Working endless hours since 2015, preparing lesson plans in the weekends and losing my work-life balance, I ended up with meltdowns at home. Being in this situation for 3 years, I started looking for different ways that could boost my energy and give me the power to cope with the workload. I tried different supplements, a diet based on vegetables and fruits, yoga and pilates classes but nothing helped me. 

In July 2017, when we broke up for the summer holidays, I really

needed to go to a peaceful and relaxing place. I instantly thought

about the village my yiayia (grandmother) was born and raised.

The Greek land and sun as well as the Greek food would replenish

the energy I had spent in my classroom and meeting rooms. Since

I remember my yiayia, she has been using only pure natural

products in her diet. Her favourite breakfast dish was a slice

of homemade bread with a generous amount of tahini on top

and a drizzle of raw honey. And it was amazing indeed.


Our Story

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