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Open Sesame...

Tahini is a pure natural product, made from pulped sesame seeds without preservatives or other additives. It is a source of protein, high in fibre and salt free.

About Us

Grecious is a family run business with many years of experience in the food industry. Its aim is to supply authentic Greek products which have been sourced carefully from independent artisan food producers in Greece. Our vision is to ensure that our products are of great quality, ethically produced and sustainably sourced.

Our product range is constantly evolving and includes the finest sweet and savoury products that the Greek land has to offer. In fact, we source directly from the manufacturers to guarantee the tradition and quality of our products. 

Grecious is not inspired by predicting the lean future of food but rather by tipping a hat to its indulgent past.  

Hey Honey...

Grecious honey range is unblended and single-sourced from the heart of the greek countryside. produced by an artisan beekeeper who has been producing honey since 1980 and shares the same passion for natural unprocessed products. take a look at our available flavours.

Our honey is never heated and only minimally filtered; thereby, it is packed with all the beneficial enzymes and pollen. since our honey is raw, crystallisation may occur over time. do not panic! to liquify, gently warm in a water bath.


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